So what are these blogs all about?

Hey you beautiful people!

So I have decided to start my very own blog because I love writing, particularly blog writing! I always read blogs about all sorts of different things, and love reading about things that people have an interest and  passion in. When I decided to start writing a blog, I knew I wanted it to be about something that I know I will really enjoy writing about. Therefore, I have decided to write my blogs all about beauty products! I have a huge interest in trying new beauty products  out such as face washes, face masks, makeup and well just about anything and everything! Each day I will write about a different product, I will review it and just talk about how well I think it worked and how I found it overall. I really hope you enjoy reading my blogs and look forward to make a start in the blogging world! As I am new to blog writing, any comments and feedback would be really appreciated!  Thanks Guys 🙂

Update: Turns out they are not going to be just about beauty products as I have learnt that I enjoy writing about a lot more things. Please check out my blogs to find out what I have been writing about 🙂 

Kayleigh x

p.s. I look forward to reading all of your blogs which I am sure are all really great!!




Hey you lovely people!  images

So yesterday I decided to watch Tallulah on Netflix and thought I would tell you about how good it is! I do not want to say to much as I do not want to give to much away so I will keep it limited.

Okay so basically it starts off with Tallulah in her van ( yes she lives in a van) and her boyfriend breaks up with her because he doesn’t like her style of living.  This really upsets her, and then somehow she ends up walking round in a flat. She then meets this crazy mum there and decides to leave Tallulah with her baby whilst she goes out. The mum then comes back really drunk and falls asleep. This is when Tallulah comes up with the crazy idea to steal her baby! From then on the film gets really good but I wont say what else happens!

Sounds good right? If any of you reading have Netflix then I would really recommend you watch it! I loved it from the beginning and found it really good!

Have any of you reading watched Tallulah before? If so please comment and let me know how you found it.  Those of you that haven’t please give it a go and let me know what you think 🙂

Happy watching!

Kayleigh x


Hi everyone!

So today I have decided to do another lush product review because well, lets just say I think I am slightly obsessed with LUSH! I tried a new bath bomb yesterday in my bath and was really impressed with it!  I was first drawn to the bomb because of how pretty and girly it looks, and then I smelt it and knew I had to get it! It smells of candy floss and also has almond and cocoa butter in it!


The ‘creamy candy’ bath bomb

When I actually put it in the bath I wasn’t disappointed. It instantly started making bubbles and even turned my water pink!



For this lovely bath bomb it only costs £2.95.  This is a good price because you do not have to use the product in one. Instead you can break bits of it so then you have some left for your next bath.

So if you love baths as much as I do, I recommend you treat yourself to this bath bomb 🙂

Much love,

Kayleigh x


Love… that four letter word that is so important in this world. It keeps the world going on and makes it a nice world to be part of. A world without love to me is not a world at all. I could have all of the money and possessions in the world, but if I had no family or friends that loved me then that would be a rather depressing life! Everyone please cherish what you have now. Cherish everyone that you know cares for you and loves you because it really is so important.  To anyone that thinks no one does, always remember there is even if you are not aware of it! If ever you are having a bad day, just think of the people in your life that are close to your heart and I can promise you it will make your day just that little bit brighter!

Linking into this, I thought I would share this photo. It is a gift I got for my birthday and the photos in the frame and the word at the front really link into one another. I adore this gift! When I am having a bad day I am just going to look at this and remind myself that actually it is not all that bad.

High five to that four letter word!


All you need is love

Keep on spreading the love to keep this world a happy place ❤

Kayleigh x

My very first product review!

Hey lovely people!       

So I have decided to do my very first product review! My first product review is going to be on a lush face mask. It is called cup O’ coffee and wow it sure smells like a cup of coffee! I wanted a face mask from lush for a while and decided on this one because the smell is just gorgeous!  It does smell really strong , so if you do not like the smell of coffee then it is probably not the right one for you. They do have many others though, which I can’t wait to try! On the tub it says ‘ face and body mask’ meaning it can also be used on the body, however I tend to just use it on the face.

Not only is the smell great,but also it has actual coffee beans in the mask which act as exfoliating beads when you put it on your face. It might feel a bit rough on your skin when you first put it on, but feels fine afterwards.  The coffee beans really help with the end result as it leaves your skin feeling really soft. Personally I feel it helps with spots aswell. Before I started using the mask, I had a lot more spots so I feel it really helps with my skin.


This face mask is only available in 150g, but only costs £6.75 which is one of the cheapest ones available in the store. Considering how big the tub is, it is really good value!  I have used the mask a few times but still have loads left as you do not need to use much each use. Really impressed with how long it will last!

Any negatives?

The only negative I would say about this mask is that it hurts your face a bit when you first put it on due to the coffee grains. Also, it is a bit tricky to get off as the coffee beans tend to stick to your face so requires a bit of a scrub.

Would I recommend this product?

Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend this product! Get into your local lush store and buy one! I even got my mum to try it out!  This is what she said about the product:

“I love the smell of the mask and has left my face feeling smooth and soft. Can definitely tell the difference. Easy to come off aswell. The only bad thing about it is it leaves  some coffee grains in the sink!”


Thanks for reading my first product review!

Keep smiling,

Kayleigh x

How to be beautiful the important way!

Hey lovelies!

So  thought I would put this up today. It is a note that I wrote a couple of years ago and feel it is a really important note for everyone to bear in mind. Even though it is not a product review which is what my other blogs will be about, I still feel it is relevant. This is because as my blogs are about beauty products, people need to remember that they are not the main things that make you beautiful. It is so much more then that which is what this blog explains. Enjoy!

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‘You may think that being beautiful is all about how much makeup you wear, and what clothes you wear and whether their the latest brand. Even though this contributes to being noticed by people and makes you feel better about yourself, as well as more confident, it’s far from the most important thing that matters. What matters is you in the inside, that is whats noticed, well by the people that are worth bothering with anyway.The ones that judge you just by the way you look, and can’t accept you for who you are, and what the amazing and unique person you are inside, then their just really not worth bothering about! So how can you be beautiful and loved by people? it’s simple! ( you probs already are anyway  )

  • never judge, instead treat everyone how you would like to be treated.
  •  Keep secrets, we all need that one person in our life that we can trust, and tell anything too.
  •  Give compliments , we all love them. ❤
  • Help others, especially those in need.
  • Be yourself, there is really no point in pretending to be someone else. Fakes stand out, and people will respect you more if you can accept yourself and be true to who you are.
  •  Keep smiling. People look so much more beautiful and approachable when they are smiling!
  • Love those who surround you ❤
  • Be polite, a please and thank you costs nothing 🙂
  • Respect people. We are all part of this world no matter what our age. religion or sexuality is.

Remember, the roots of beauty are these to hold onto so bear them in mind, and stay beautiful!

Kayleigh x