Attingham park walk!

Hi guys,

How are we all? Haven’t wrote on this blog in a long time so thought I should start again as really enjoy blog writing!

Today we had a nice lazy Saturday morning, didn’t get up till around 10.30am! We chilled and watched a bit of tv, and thought it would be really nice to go out and go for a walk so we can get a bit of fresh air and exercise. The sunshine was out, even though it was slightly cold thought we should make the most of it!

We decided on attingham park, as I haven’t been there in years and my partner has never been. With how things are at the moment too with the coronavirus, they have had to close a lot of the facilities at the park, so therefore have made it free for visitors so they can have a walk around the park, parking was free too which was nice bonus!

We stayed there for around a hour, had a nice leisurely stroll, a lot of families and dog walkers had the same idea by the looks of it as was quite busy! We walked around the woodlands, and the deer park. We managed to see some deers from a distance. They live in a protected area where visitors are prohibited from walking in, glad we saw them from a distance though!

Returning home, we made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. It’s amazing how much difference going for a walk can make in regards to mood and mindset, prior to going for the walk I was feeling so restless. I would definitely recommend going for a walk if ever you are at home feeling bored and wanting something to do. Not only is it good for the mind and body, but is also a good social activity and free!

Moroccan chicken with couscous

Hello everyone!

How are we all? For dinner last night, I decided to make moroccon chicken with roasted vegetable couscous as I wanted something healthy as well as something that isn’t to difficult to make!

I was really impressed with how the recipe turned out, and it tasted delicious! So I thought I would share the recipe with you all. If you are interested in making this dish, here is the link:

Just to note, this recipe has it with lemon couscous but I decided to go for vegetable couscous instead.

Here is the end result:


I love making a new recipe, and am always up for hearing about new ones that are healthy and tasty.

Happy cooking!

Kayleigh x

Walk weekend!

Hello everyone!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! It has been my weekend off this weekend (get every 3rd one off), so thought I would make the most of it particularly with the sun being out! It has been a busy one, with lots of walking involved! I managed to take lots of nice photos, so thought writing a blog would be a perfect opportunity to share them with you!

Saturday: We decided to go around carding mill valley, which is a lovely hill in Shropshire. There are several routes which can be taken, we decided to go for the one that leads to a waterfall. It was such a nice walk, and was great to have some fresh air and was really peaceful after a busy week! If ever feeling stressed, I highly recommend a nice walk in the fresh air! After the walk, we had lunch in a pub near the hill. It was perfect day, was knackered after it though! Photos from carding mill valley are below:

Sunday:  Today when I woke up the sunshine was out again which was nice to see! I decided to have a chilled out morning watching a bit of TV. Then I decided to go for another walk due to not being able to resist the sunshine. I decided on the wrekin today, which is another hill in Shropshire. I love the wrekin as it has really nice views at the top, and is quite a challenging walk meaning I had my exercise too! I read my book at the top of the hill for a bit, but couldn’t stay for long due to the wind being really cold! Was glad to get back down into my warm car! When I got back I made myself some tomato pasta and have been chilling out doing some reading. (I’m such a book worm). Below are today’s photos from the wrekin:

What have you been up to on this lovely weekend? Would love to hear all about your adventures!

Kayleigh xx

Wolverhampton Grand theatre visit


Hope you are all keeping okay. In this blog, I am going to be writing about a recent show I watched called girl on the train. But first, I would love you all to admire the beauty of the theatre, here is a photo of it;

Image result for wolverhampton theatre ceiling

So pretty isn’t it!

I would really recommend all of you going to see the girl on the train, and would easily give it a 10/10. From the beginning, it keeps you interested and excited about what is going to happen next, exactly as a thriller should be! It was the first show I had ever watched at a theatre, and would love to go and see more shows! I would give you more detail about what happened, but don’t want to give the story away.

Would love to hear about any shows you have been to see?

Love Kayleigh x



How have you all been? Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

In this blog, I am going to be writing about the two mindsets, and how having the correct mindset can help you achieve and fulfill your potential. This inspiration has come from a book that I have recently finished, called ‘mindset’ and was wrote by Dr Carol S.Dweck.

Image result for mindset dr carol

The two mindsets

In this book, she basically explains about their being two mindsets; the fixed mindset, and the growth mindset.  The fixed mindset is based around the idea that the individual is always wanting to look clever and smart, and therefore sees effort as a weakness, and therefore avoids new challenges and gives up easily and doesn’t like being given criticism.  However, the growth mindset is the complete opposite. Individuals with this mindset loves to learn and therefore enjoys challenges, and will learn from criticism. They also see effort as a way of accomplishment and achieving new things.

My mindset

Being truthful, I do see myself currently in the fixed mindset purely for the fact I do like to try and do everything without making mistakes, which therefore will make people think im smart. However, from self reflection by reading this book I have discovered that mistakes arent a bad thing, but are necessary for learning and self-development.  Also, no one is perfect and making no mistakes throughout life is impossible.

My goal from reading this book, is to develop more of a growth mindset by seeing that intelligence can be developed by effort and therefore will always embrace new challenges, and not let the fear of making a mistake stop me.

I would highly recommend everyone to read this book, it has very interesting points in and is certainly help you reflect on your current mindset!

Kayleigh x

Goals for January 2019!


Happy new year everyone! A bit late I know but hope you are all having a great one so far. I am not really one to set new years resolutions, as I am one of those that believes if you want to set something to achieve or change then do it there and then as their are 364 other days to set those goals 🙂

However, I do like some set some goals for each month that I like to work towards, so I can look back and see what I’ve achieved for the month, even if they are really little things sometimes! Unfortunately, January is looking a bit of a bleak month for me due to not having a lot of money due to Christmas, so the list probably isn’t going to be that exciting! But anyway here goes:

  1. Exercise every day:  This month, I am taking part in Red January. The aim of this programme, is to exercise everyday for the whole of January as a way of supporting positive mental health, as well as positive habits towards exercise for the rest of the year. I am really enjoying this programme, and have certainly noticed a change in terms of feeling more positive, as well as feeling healthier and feeling a sense of achievement! The other great thing about the programme is it encourages even the littlest of exercise! As long as you are doing something each day, whether that is a walk, run, cycle or swim.  I would definitely encourage exercise for everyone, no matter how small! I didn’t start till the 2nd of January, but these were the exercises I did; 2nd I went for a run with a running group, 3rd I went to the gym, 4th I went to Konga class, 5th I went to the gym, and today I am going for a swim. I  will keep you posted with these, I really hope I do stick with it!

person swiming

2. Join a running group:  This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but have always been anxious about actually doing to it. I think the main reason was because of not knowing anyone there and walking into the unknown. I was so proud of myself when I finally went along on the 2nd! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and got talking to people in no time!  Can’t wait for the next session tomorrow!

person running

3. Take more photos: This is something I always forget to do, and always regret it after! My one friend takes a lot of photos when we do stuff together, and they are really lovely to look back on!

Photographer woman girl is holding dslr camera taking photograph

4. Write in my diary each day: This is something I forget to do every year! I will write in it for the first few days, and then completely forget about it and not write it in for the rest of the year! I really like reading back at diaries, so is definitely something I want to remember to do this year! I have put it by the side of my bed this year so fingers crossed that will help me remember about it!


5. Say yes to every opportunity: This month, I want to get out there and do as much as I can! One way I have done this, is by signing up to volunteering. I am going to be collecting money for teenage cancer trust at an event this month, which I am really looking forward to! I am also signing up for running/charity events, which is another way I can get out there and do things. I regularly check Facebook too, to see what events are upcoming around my area which I could possibly go to.


6. Read more: Usually, I only read on holiday which seems to be when I can find the time to relax to properly enjoy a book. However, it is something I would like to do on a more regular basis as I enjoy relaxing with a book, and can also learn a lot from reading. Also,  its free which is definitely a plus particularly this month!


Hope you enjoyed reading my goals for January 2019. I am glad to say, so far I am sticking to them! Hopefully it stays that way! Do you have any goals for this month? If so I would love to hear them!

Kayleigh x

Travels to Edinburgh!

Hello you lovely people!

I haven’t posted anything here on a while, due to it being such a busy month with work and other commitments! I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while, but has just been difficult finding the time to actually sit down and do it! I’m finally back woo!

In this blog, I’m going to write my top 5 things I enjoyed in Edinburgh! I feel writing about this place is worth it. It’s such a lovely place, and somewhere I would LOVE to visit again sometime!  There is just so much to do there! We only went for 3 days, and it was difficult to do everything we wanted to do in such a short space of time which is why we would love to go back!

So here goes, the 5 things I would recommend to do:

  1. The city sightseeing bus: Although Edinburgh isn’t a big place, and is possible to walk round to see all the attractions, I would recommend taking the sightseeing bus. It is a chilled and peaceful way to explore the city, and also get an audio tour whilst going round which is very interesting and informative.  The bus also allows you to hop on and off for 24 hours!





2. Hollyrood park and Arthurs seat:  This was one of the very first things we did when getting to Edinburgh. It is such a lovely walk, with rewarding views at the top. Although it is quite a challenging walk, it is definitely worth is for the views at the top and all of the awesome photos and memories you can capture!

45304350_10156842559129269_2710674171129495552_n (1)


3. Edinburgh Castle:  This castle is so amazing and well worth the price! Not only do you get views from the edge of the castle, but their is also so much to see inside. I particularly enjoyed seeing the old prisons. It was a really interesting visit, much bigger inside then I thought it would be too!


4) National museum of Scotland:  By far this is the best museum I have even been to. Their is so much to see inside and is really interesting. Unfortunately, we didn’t get time to all of it due to being restricted on time. It is somewhere we will definitely go back to though when we visit Edinburgh again. So great as it’s free too, which is always a bonus!


5)Underground Tours:  This tour was really interesting and informative! It basically shows how people use to live in Edinburgh, which is now all underground due to things being built over it. Definitely worth a visit whilst in Edinburgh!


So here they are,my top 5 things to do whilst in Edinburgh! Have any of you been to Edinburgh? Would love to hear all about your visit!

Kayleigh x


Birthday cake baking!

Hi guys!

How are you all? Hope you’ve all had an awesome day!

Today has been a really good day! I successfully worked towards one of my October goals, which was to find a new hobby. For October, it was baking cakes. I made one today, and I really enjoyed it!

The day started off by buying all of the cake baking ingredients. Although these were quite expensive to buy due to not baking in a long time and therefore not having any of the ingredients, I know I can use them again for when I bake a cake next time.

Once I got the ingredients, I started the cake making process!  I really enjoyed doing this and successfully followed the method. However, I did discover when getting the cake out of the oven, it was slightly burnt round the edges. This was quite disappointing, particularly as it was my boyfriends birthday cake! Although, this is definitely a learning curve and will ensure in future I won’t keep them in for so long. Plus, I haven’t made a cake in a while so thats a good enough excuse to not have a perfect cake haha! As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

It was such a nice feeling giving it him and he was so shocked that I made him one, he wasn’t expecting it! We both tried some together, and it didn’t taste as bad as I thought!

Below is the cake:

If you would like to try the recipe that I did today, here is the link:

It is a really easy recipe to follow, and is great if you are a beginner at baking like myself!

Here is to more baking!

Kayleigh xx

10 things I want to accomplish in October!

Hi guys, I’m back! I haven’t uploaded a blog in a while, but the good news is this is about to change!

In this blog, I am going to write about the 10 things I would like to accomplish in October…. so here goes!

  1. Try out a new hobby. Their is several new things I would like to try. For October, I am going to focus on cake baking. I use to do lots of cake baking,but is something I have not done in a long time!  With my boyfriends and my mums birthday coming up, I would love to make them a birthday cake!! I could also make some Halloween cakes with that coming up! If they are successful, I promise I will upload photos haha!


2. Stick with my gym routine! Recently I have been dipping out of the routine which makes me feel pretty rubbish. Working out is something I really enjoy doing, and is something I want to carry on doing throughout October!

3.Try to upload a blog post every day! Blog writing is something I really enjoy doing, but is something I can easily get out of the habit of doing! I also really enjoy reading other peoples blog posts so am going to ensure I now check in on a daily basis!

4. Practice my eye makeup! I have my graduation ceremony the end of this month and would love to have nice makeup applied. Failing that, I guess I can get my makeup professionally done. However, being able to do it myself is something I would love to accomplish and would be much cheaper in the long run!

5.Practice curling my hair too! This is something else I would really like to get good as its how I want my hair for graduation!

6. Research and sort out trip to London! I am going to London with my mum in November, and enjoy researching new areas before going so I then know where is good to go

7. Go for more runs! Their is also a local running group which sounds really good. Unfortunately, I haven’t been brave enough to go in the past, but am hoping that October is the month I can change that!

8. Read more books! I always say I want to read more, but finding the time to actually sit down and relax to do this can be quite challenging. I am really going to try this month to do more of it. We can learn so much from reading too! With the cold weather coming in too, it seems the perfect opportunity to get stuck into a book more often!

9. Sign up for volunteering. Just a couple of hours a week would be realistic for me due to other commitments, but anything is better then nothing! It is something that I would really love to do and is a way to give something back in the community!

10. Be more positive! Recently I have found myself seeing the negatives to the situations I am in opposed to seeing the positive in the situation. However, their is always a positive from a situation no matter how little it is. Sometimes,it can just be hard to see!

So their you go, my 10 things to do this October. I really hope I stick to them, personally I feel they are achievable so fingers crossed I do meet them!

Do you guys have anything you would like to achieve in October? I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed ❤

Kayleigh xx

Love yoga!

Hi Guys!

Hope you are all well and having an amazing day!

In this blog, I want to talk about taking care of youself through your mind, body and spirit. One way we can do this is through the use of yoga. Yoga has amazing benefits, and is something we should try to do as often as possible.  Of course, we all have different schedules and priorities meaning some of us can do it more then others.

I tend to practice yoga 1-2 times a week, as I feel this is enough to get the benefits of yoga, and also allows me time to take part in other classes throughout the week.

So what are the benefits of yoga you may wonder? Here are five:

  1. can do it in the comfort of your own home: This is how I got started with yoga. I use to watch you tube videos to go through some yoga workouts. However, since going to a yoga class at my gym I find these work better for myself. I recommend you all try at least one live class of yoga just so you can experience the difference.
  2.  Improves flexibility and strengthens muscles: amazing workout for the body! It also increases posture, blood flow and increases bone health! Has many positive benefits for the body
  3.  Makes you feel happy: Just this reason alone makes me want to practice yoga!
  4.  Helps you feel focused and relaxed
  5. Helps you to sleep


Above are 5 main benefits of yoga, but there is many more. After doing a yoga class, you can instantly feel the benefits. You finish feeling much more relaxed, confident, happy, positive and satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Try yoga today. I promise you will feel the difference and your body and mind will certainly thank you for it!

Image result for quotes on yoga