Love… that four letter word that is so important in this world. It keeps the world going on and makes it a nice world to be part of. A world without love to me is not a world at all. I could have all of the money and possessions in the world, but if I had no family or friends that loved me then that would be a rather depressing life! Everyone please cherish what you have now. Cherish everyone that you know cares for you and loves you because it really is so important.  To anyone that thinks no one does, always remember there is even if you are not aware of it! If ever you are having a bad day, just think of the people in your life that are close to your heart and I can promise you it will make your day just that little bit brighter!

Linking into this, I thought I would share this photo. It is a gift I got for my birthday and the photos in the frame and the word at the front really link into one another. I adore this gift! When I am having a bad day I am just going to look at this and remind myself that actually it is not all that bad.

High five to that four letter word!


All you need is love

Keep on spreading the love to keep this world a happy place ❤

Kayleigh x


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