My very first product review!

Hey lovely people!       

So I have decided to do my very first product review! My first product review is going to be on a lush face mask. It is called cup O’ coffee and wow it sure smells like a cup of coffee! I wanted a face mask from lush for a while and decided on this one because the smell is just gorgeous!  It does smell really strong , so if you do not like the smell of coffee then it is probably not the right one for you. They do have many others though, which I can’t wait to try! On the tub it says ‘ face and body mask’ meaning it can also be used on the body, however I tend to just use it on the face.

Not only is the smell great,but also it has actual coffee beans in the mask which act as exfoliating beads when you put it on your face. It might feel a bit rough on your skin when you first put it on, but feels fine afterwards.  The coffee beans really help with the end result as it leaves your skin feeling really soft. Personally I feel it helps with spots aswell. Before I started using the mask, I had a lot more spots so I feel it really helps with my skin.


This face mask is only available in 150g, but only costs £6.75 which is one of the cheapest ones available in the store. Considering how big the tub is, it is really good value!  I have used the mask a few times but still have loads left as you do not need to use much each use. Really impressed with how long it will last!

Any negatives?

The only negative I would say about this mask is that it hurts your face a bit when you first put it on due to the coffee grains. Also, it is a bit tricky to get off as the coffee beans tend to stick to your face so requires a bit of a scrub.

Would I recommend this product?

Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend this product! Get into your local lush store and buy one! I even got my mum to try it out!  This is what she said about the product:

“I love the smell of the mask and has left my face feeling smooth and soft. Can definitely tell the difference. Easy to come off aswell. The only bad thing about it is it leaves  some coffee grains in the sink!”


Thanks for reading my first product review!

Keep smiling,

Kayleigh x


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