Hi everyone!

So today I have decided to do another lush product review because well, lets just say I think I am slightly obsessed with LUSH! I tried a new bath bomb yesterday in my bath and was really impressed with it!  I was first drawn to the bomb because of how pretty and girly it looks, and then I smelt it and knew I had to get it! It smells of candy floss and also has almond and cocoa butter in it!


The ‘creamy candy’ bath bomb

When I actually put it in the bath I wasn’t disappointed. It instantly started making bubbles and even turned my water pink!



For this lovely bath bomb it only costs £2.95.  This is a good price because you do not have to use the product in one. Instead you can break bits of it so then you have some left for your next bath.

So if you love baths as much as I do, I recommend you treat yourself to this bath bomb 🙂

Much love,

Kayleigh x


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