Hey you lovely people!  images

So yesterday I decided to watch Tallulah on Netflix and thought I would tell you about how good it is! I do not want to say to much as I do not want to give to much away so I will keep it limited.

Okay so basically it starts off with Tallulah in her van ( yes she lives in a van) and her boyfriend breaks up with her because he doesn’t like her style of living.  This really upsets her, and then somehow she ends up walking round in a flat. She then meets this crazy mum there and decides to leave Tallulah with her baby whilst she goes out. The mum then comes back really drunk and falls asleep. This is when Tallulah comes up with the crazy idea to steal her baby! From then on the film gets really good but I wont say what else happens!

Sounds good right? If any of you reading have Netflix then I would really recommend you watch it! I loved it from the beginning and found it really good!

Have any of you reading watched Tallulah before? If so please comment and let me know how you found it.  Those of you that haven’t please give it a go and let me know what you think 🙂

Happy watching!

Kayleigh x


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